Alli Orlistat Fat Blocker Review

Alli Over The Counter Diet Pill

Alli over the counter diet pills UKAt the start of the year, the much anticipated and self professed wonder diet pill, Alli was introduced to the UK over the counter market.

An estimated £1m worth of product was sold with many outlets selling out in just a few hours on the first day of release.

The USA, as is usually the case, had availability sooner than UK residents in the summer 2008.

The initial reaction from American consumers towards the pharmaceutically produced diet drug was that one or two slightly embarrassing side effects (anal leakage, coined the Alli Oops) were common place but nothing out of the ordinary.

Now it appears that Alli has one or two more serious side effects is not quite the miracle that GlaxoSmithKline (the manufacturers) were suggesting.

What Is Alli

Alli is a fat blocker that uses a lower strength Orlistat – the active ingredient present in the prescription only Xenical.

Alli is the first and only FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) diet pill available over the counter without the need for GP or doctor administration.

Alli, is though, restricted to people with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 28 or higher – this restriction is not governed as tightly as perhaps it should.

Alli has many positives from a marketing perspective such as:

  • First and only FDA approved slimming tablet to buy without prescription
  • Can block over a quarter of fat from your food
  • Miracle slimming tablet
  • Anti Obesity treatment

From a user perspective the positives could be overshadowed by the negatives:

  • Can cause runny stools
  • Not a natural product, chemically produced
  • Not thoroughly tested on humans
  • Earlier reports linked with colon cancer in mice

How Does Alli Work

Alli can stop the absorption or block approximately 25% of fat from the food that you eat.

This unabsorbed fat then passes naturally through your body and leaves via bowel movements or motions.

Alli Side Effects

Serious side effects of Alli diet pillsThere is little doubt that the active ingredient Orlistat is a powerful drug and its fat blocking technology is pretty much unrivaled – but at what cost!

To date the most discussed side effect that Alli can cause is oily stools.

Many American Alli consumers have complained that the blocked fat has caused an anal leakage problem, or to be more precise – an orange goo has a tendency to leak from the anal passage frequently and often without warning.

More recently some other far more serious side effects have come to public attention.

Now its seems a far more sinister side effect has been  reported with both the FDA (US) and MHRA (UK) governmental bodies revealing that Alli could be linked to some serious health issues including liver damage.

Where To Buy Alli UK

At the moment the most popular stockist is Boots the Chemist with Alli both in store and online – Visit Boots costing £32.95 for a week supply and £49.95 for the full month

The cheapest price and cheapest supplier of Alli is  via online UK registered chemists such as Chemist Direct£39.95 for the full month and £23.65 for the 42 pack

Alternatives To Alli

Proactol – a natural fat binder that binds fat rather than blocking. Just as with Alli (and Xenical), Proactol prevents around a quarter of dietary fat from being digested by your stomach.

Proactol or AlliWhilst Alli has been coined the “new wonder slimming pill” that stops fat from being absorbed.

This is something that Proactol (a natural fat binder) has been doing for years – and without the side effects!

More About Proactol


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