Capsiplex Does It Work

Capsiplex Original Chili Fat Burner

This year the diet pill that is making the headlines is Capsiplex. Previous years it was all about alli this year though belongs to the powerful fat burner based on capsicum or red hot chili peppers.

To date over 1 million bottles have been sold worldwide with supply not meeting demand with many chemists and outlets selling out quickly.

The only criticism to be aimed at Capsiplex is that they have not manufactured enough product.

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Capsiplex first appeared in the media in national newspapers at the start of the year with Britney Spears, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lopez all claiming weight loss success whilst using the diet pill.

There is an awful lot of highly dubious products that dilute the non prescription diet pill market, fortunately, Capsiplex really delivers its promise.

The only criticism to be aimed at Capsiplex is that they have not manufactured enough product to meet demand.

Capsiplex – The Chili Diet Pill

Capsiplex is a natural diet capsule that is made from capsicum (red hot chili peppers)

For almost thirty years, scientists within the weight loss field have realised the weight-loss potential of red-hot peppers. The problem until recently has been the ability to consume such a highly concentrated amount without irritating the stomach.

The manufacturers of Capsiplex (Advanced Healthcare)  have overcome this by formulating a protective coating on the ingredients which stops any gastric irritation.

Trials at the University of Oklahoma showed adults taking Capsiplex burned off 278 more calories before, during and after a bout of exercise than those on placebos.

Buy Capsiplex In The UK

The official website is the most legitimate stockist.

There have been reports of Capsiplex being sold via ebay – we recommend that you don not buy Capsiplex from ebay has you may unwittingly be buying a fake product.

Capsiplus is being sold as the new version of Capsiplex – this is not true.

Capsiplex costs from £29.99 for a one months supply but do offer quantity discounts.

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