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Meratol Grazia Featured

Miracle Diet Pill In Grazia Magazine

It appears that Meratol are in the media again this time its in Grazia Magazine.

The article is about the age old issue of should supermodels portray the the Skinny image or portray are more natural looking figure.

Either way there are not manu women on the planet who would turn down the option of losing a pound or two.

To read the piece in full you will have to buy this months Grazia magazine.

So What about Meratol.

If you have not been subjected to the weight of the Meratol barrage then you must have disconnected form the British press for past few months. Meratol (just like its sister product Capsiplex) is selling rather well.

So well in fact that the high street is struggling keep up with demand. If you manage to find either Meratol or Capsiplex in store at Boots, Holland and Barrett etc.. buy it.

Both products have been christened “miracle diet pill” a phrase that is overused and under substantiated in recent years.

Meratol is 4 diet technologies in 1 that tackles the very basics as to how we get fat initially

A carb blocker, fat binder, fat burner and appetite suppresser ingredients are all contained in the product

More about Meratol


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Why do I keep getting thrush

I Have Thrush Repeatedly – What Can I Do

Millions of women all over the world suffer from recurring thrush.

If you are one among those who have been suffering from this type of infection that is repeatedly coming back in spite of your best efforts to prevent it, then it is time for you to think about it seriously and take some steps that will cause the infection to disappear or heal permanently.

But if you are suffering from recurring thrush, know that you are not alone. In the UK :

  • 4 out of 5 women will have thrush at least once
  • 5% of woman have recurrent thrush (more than 4 yeast infections a year)
  • 1% of woman have thrush almost all the time

*source: NHS UK

The number of women suffering from recurring thrush is surprisingly large since most of the women tend to suffer from this infection at some or the other stage of their life.

A more surprising fact that needs to be revealed here is that majority of the women that suffer from this yeast infections are unable to find a permanent cure even by the use of conventional medicines.

What Causes Thrush

The causes of recurring thrush are not well known but its effects can be devastating for women who live with this condition.

Medicines such as ointments as well as creams have been used for long for treating recurring thrush.

This does not, in any way, mean that the various treatments that have been and are still used to give relief in these situations are completely useless.

Gels, pills and creams are effective in treating these infections. Unfortunately, for most of the women using these, the effects are short termed and it does not take long before the symptoms and signs of the condition begin all over again.

That’s why a more holistic approach to treat your recurrent thrush may be the way to go. Do you really want to treat vaginal thrush and suffer the pain and burning sensation of an infection or you want to prevent thrush infections in the first place?

“There are several products that treat thrush but very few that actually solve the root of the cause”

How To Prevent Thrush

Currently the medical profession is split into two camps – one side that believe that Thrush is an anomaly and so spend little time and resource on prevention, treatment and cure whilst the other camp have found a significant relationship between four specific strains of probiotics and the cessation of thrush symptoms.

Probiotics are greatly underused and largely misunderstood – they are considered to be an essential component for a healthy immune system.

A high majority of thrush and sufferers of recurrent thrush have a weakened immune system. Numerous clinical studies from many national and international health organisations have  linked high dose probiotics with a strengthening of the immune system and a lessening of thrush like symptoms.

There are several products available on the open market that can treat the symptoms of thrush but very few that can not only treat but repair a weakened immune system and prevent future episodes.

Alaczen is a commercial product manufactured by private industry with a formulation of four strains of Probiotics.

The product is new by pharmaceutical standards and cannot claim yet to be the cure for vaginal thrush but it has all the elements in place to suggest that soon at least one side of the medical fraternity may offer it as a prescription treatment.

Until then it is available to buy direct

Visit Alaczen


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