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Good Carbs And Bad Carbs

The Difference Between Good and Bad Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates (carbs) are a vital element of a sensible diet plan, but there is much debate about “good” and “bad” carbs. So, how can you tell them apart?

Carbs can be categorised as simple (i.e. “bad”) or complex (i.e. “good”) depending on their chemical structure and how your body processes them.

Complex carbs, like legumes and whole-grains, have longer sugar molecule chains and these normally require more time to be broken down and used in the body. Consequently, these carbs generally provide you with more sustained energy levels.

Simple carbs are comprised of easily digested, basic sugars which do not contain much real value for the body. If a carb is low in fibre and high in sugar, then it is not likely to be very good for you.

Surprisingly, fruits and veggies are classed as simple carbs. However, they are dramatically different from other foodstuffs in this category, like cakes and cookies. The fibre in veggies and fruits alters the body’s method of processing sugar and slows down its’ digestion. This actually makes them more akin to complex carbs.

The simple carbs you should cut down on the most in your diet are:

  • Candy
  • Soda
  • Sugar
  • Artificial syrups
  • White bread, white pasta and white rice
  • Potatoes (which are complex carbs technically speaking, but behave like simple carbs inside the body)
  • Desserts and pastries

You can still eat simple carbs occasionally, you should just not have them as your main source of carbs. You can also make better simple carb choices, like eating a baked potato instead of chips.

Complex carbs are “good” because of the longer sugar molecules they consist of which take the body longer to break down. They usually have a reduced glycemic load, which means lower quantities of sugar will be released more consistently and this will give you energy throughout the day.

Choosing complex carbs means looking at the labels before buying your food so you know  precisely what you are getting. If the ingredient listed first is whole wheat flour, then it is probably a complex carbohydrate. Buy whole-wheat pasta rather than plain white pasta and brown rice rather than white rice.

Ultimately, you just need to be sensible with your choice of carbs. Avoid low-nutrient desserts, examine the fibre and sugar levels in carbs and concentrate on veggies, fruits and healthy whole-grains to give your body the energy it needs each day.

Diet Tablets To Control Carb Intake

There are a number of diet tablets available commercially that can prevent the absorption of bad carbs. These are known as Carb Blockers.

Perhaps the best example of a carb blocker is Meratol – Meratol can prevent approximately 80% of carbohydrate absorption.

More about Meratol


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Capsiplex Happy Diet Pill

Happy Diet Pill – Capsiplex Plus

There is confirmation among pres circles that Capsiplex Plus – the affectionately coined “happy diet pill” has been released and is now shipping worldwide including the UK.

Capsiplex Plus is being called “happy diet pill” due to its combination of a weight loss pill with a mood enhancer.

The happy diet pill is the invention and brainchild of Scottish based Advanced Health, the private natural health specialist who gave us the original Capsiplex fat burner a year or so ago.

If media reports are to be believed this new improved version should create a bigger impact than the original. The original product release was impressive enough with over 50,000 units sold over its first days.

Special Offers Available Direct
Capsiplex Plus is available to order direct – there are currently some special offers and discounts in place.
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Capsiplex The Happy Diet Pill

The product is formulation of two main components – a fat burning agent called capsicum and a natural serotonin releaser called 5-HTP

Capsicum is the key active ingredients in the original product and is a highly effective fat burner. It is extracted from chili or cayenne pepper and works by raising the core temperature of the body and can help calorie expenditure and burn around 280 calories a day. The real beauty of capsicum is that can work even while you are rest. Taking capsicum in the correct dosage is thought to create the same calorie burning effect as cycling for 40 minutes.

5-HTP is called the “happy hormone”, our body can naturally make it but on occasion we do not produce enough. Serotonin is of vital importance for our happiness it can effect our mood.

Decreased or depleted levels of serotonin can cause unhappy feelings and can on occasions ultimately lead depression.

Having a depleted level of serotonin is also linked to poor sleep quality and can also cause anxiety and other associated issues.

Comfort eating is also thought to be directly associated with low levels of serotonin. 5-HTP combats this and increases serotonin production naturally.

More about Capsiplex Plus Happy Diet Pill


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