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EyeSecrets Instant Eye Lift

Michelle Collins Instant Eye Lift

Former EastEnder Michelle Collins has revealed one of her anti ageing and eye beautification techniques.

Michelle was interviewed at a photo-shoot recently and she attributed the use of the non surgical eye lifting strips (by Eye Secrets) as one of the reasons why she looks so amazing at 50.

Watch Michelle Collins talk about EyeSecrets

Eye Secrets have a range of products designed beautify the eyes without resulting to surgery.

Eye Lid Lifting strips are thin pieces of non allergic material that fit comfortably just over the eyelid to hold excess skin avoiding a droopy, half lidded appearance.

Eye Secrets are the invention of Scottish based Advanced Health and where first introduced to Britain in 2010. They have featured regurarly in the media and the catchphrase ‘£30 facelift’ was born as a direct result of EyeSecrets introduction.

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EyeSecrets Daily Mirror

Danielle Lineker Eye Secrets

EyeSecrets has been getting some positive media coverage again with Danielle Lineker exalting its praises in her beauty blog in the Daily Mirror.

A reader asked Danielle if she recommended botox to give her brow a lift and to make her eyes appear wider for a forthcoming event.

Danielle’s response was to employ the use of EyeSecrets Upper Eye Lift – a non surgical procedure that can instantly lift sagging or drooping eyelids giving a much more youthful appearance.
Botox, although considered the elixir of youth by many, can lead to a path of no return.

Once someone starts to use botox they may find themselves having to use more and more often as when the effect of botox starts to wear off it often leads to an even more saggy appearance.

EyeSecrets (Upper Eye Lift) are tiny transparent plastic strips that fit discreetly in the crease of the upper lid holding the skin firm and taught.

The Eyelifting strips cost £29.99 and can bought direct.

We have reviewed Eyesecrets several months ago when they made quite an impact upon their arrival.

Read The EyeSecrets Review


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