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Unique Hoodia New Improved Formula

Improved Unique Hoodia Formula

Market leading Hoodia capsule brand, Unique Hoodia have just revealed an improvement to their appetite suppressing product.

Bioperine is a revolutionary extract from the Piper Nigrum plant that increases the absorption of Hoodia by 30% ultimately speeding up the process of appetite suppression.

Unique Hoodia have still retained their ethos and ideology of providing possibly the purest Hoodia Gordonii tablet form product – filler and added ingredients detract and dilute the effectiveness but Bioperine is most definitely a positive inclusion.

If you intend taking a Hoodia product this season Unique Hoodia should be high on your list of possibles.

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What Is Hoodia Gordonii

Hoodia Gordonni Guide

Hoodia Gordonii is arguably the most commonly and frequently purchased diet pill  without prescription.

There is often controversy, untruth and myth surrounding this herb even the correct spelling of it – It is Hoodia Gordonii – common misspellings are Hoodia Gordoni and Hoodia Gordini.

What Exactly Is Hoodia

It is a cactus type plant (a succulent and not strictly speaking a cactus) that is found in inhospitable and arid conditions in South Africa (Kalahari Dessert.)

There are other a dozen other species of the plant but it is only the Gordonni species that has benefits to human health and in particular dieting.

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How Can Hoodia Aid Weight Loss

Contrary to popular belief it is not the whole plant itself that provides appetite suppressing qualities,  nor are the several other substances found within the plant. It is just the one tiny substance from the plant – known as p57 or the p57 molecule.

Introducing the p57 molecule to the body will greatly diminish the want for food and decrease the appetite.

Decreasing appetite is an effective way to cut down on the size and frequency of food portions.

The result of this is a reduction in body mass, body fat and ultimately, body weight.

The theory behind this has been put into practice for thousands of years (by the Sans tribesmen – although weight reduction was  not the intention)  and is incredibly simple.

This is no magical weight loss solution nor is a scientific or medical discovery, more natural effect.

If our body can acclimatise itself to expect and consume less the results are obvious.

Is Hoodia A New Find

For the western world it is a fairly recent find.

BBC correspondent Tom Mangold was one of the first western reporters to break the story when his article suggesting that a “cure” for obesity had been discovered in an area where food was scarse.

The San Tribes people of Southern Africa (specific the Kalahari region)  have been using it for hundreds if not thousands  of years to suppress hunger and quench thirst whilst away on hunting trips for long periods.

It is quite ironic that a region where food is scarce should provide a potential treatment for obesity in an area where food is in abundance!

Does Hoodia Cause Any Side Effects

This is a natural herb with centuries of generations of people that have used Hoodia without any ill effect.

The one side effect that Hoodia has been known to cause is a very slight feeling of sexual arousal – this potential effect though is not common and should not be a reason to start taking Hoodia.

Hoodia Vegecaps What Are They

Hoodia usually is contained in a vegecap – A vegecap is a capsule that does not contain gelatine and so therefore suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Some vegetarians and vegans while trying to control their weight by using a diet pill can possibly, unwittingly be using a product that contains animal byproduct.

How Best To Use Hoodia

There is no right and wrong – it is generally accepted and recommended to take three Hoodia capsules a day – one capsule around 45 minutes before a meal.

How Long Before Hoodia Starts To Work

You will start to experience a reduction in hunger after 48 hours if you are taking the recommended three capsules a day 45 minutes before each meal.

How Much Can I Expect To Lose

Hoodia is designed to help you lose weight in a gradual and safe manner.

Typically you will lose around 3lbs a week for the first month. This, though is without changing your eating habits or lifestyle.

For quicker weight loss it is advised to help the Hoodia capsule by exercising or exercising more.

Can I Use Hoodia In Conjunction With Other Diet Products

A perfectly natural substance that can be used in collaboration with other diet products – although it is not necessary to use another appetite suppressant.

What Are The Best Hoodia Diet Products

There are dozens of Hoodia branded diet pills available to buy on the web and in health food stores – this is where the controversy really starts.

It is estimated that 80% of all Hoodia branded products do not contain the natural p57 molecule or use a pharmaceutical synthetic replica.

Genuine Hoodia Gordonii contains only Hoodia Gordonii (no other ingredient should be present) and will be contained in a vegecap or capsule.

The real giveway is certificate of authentication. Genuine p57 Hoodia Gordonii will carry a CITES Certificate – Hoodia Gordonii (the plant) is now classed as a protected species and so is governed by strict guidelines that govern the growing, harvesting, extracting and distribution.

Recommended Hoodia Diet Products

Possibly the most authentic and best example of a Hoodia diet pill is Pure Hoodia.

Pure Hoodia is made using real Hoodia powder that has been harvested from Sothern Africa.

There is a CITES certificate on display and all documentation is legitimate.

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