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Intivar Review UK

Intivar Vaginal Tightening & Lubricating Gel

Intivar is an all natural female rejuvenation gel, it has been formulated to help increase vaginal lubrication, increase sensitivity and enhance the female sex drive. By using Intivar you will be able to experience fast and effective results, without the risk of any side effects.

Why Use Intivar?

There are several conditions that every woman will experience at some point in her life that can result in sexual intercourse being uncomfortable and in many cases painful. Over time, if left untreated you may even find the desire to have sexual intercourse decrease, which can cause upset within your relationship.

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“As a women becomes older her desire and sexual experience can lessen. The sensitivity of the vagina can be restored to former glories by introducing Intivar”

Lack of Vaginal Lubrication

A lack of vaginal lubrication can be a normal symptom women going through their menopause experience, although women of any age can also suffer from reduced lubrication. If your body is not naturally producing enough lubrication, the vagina may become dryer resulting in sexual intercourse becoming painful.

Intivar uses natural ingredients that have been formulated to naturally with lubrication. Intivar also contains ingredients that have antiseptic properties which help improve hygiene. Unlike many alternatives on the market, each application lasts longer, which means you do not need to apply the product as often as alternatives.

How Intivar Works

Reduced Sensitivity

A common complaint as women get older is reduced sensitivity during sexual intercourse and women who have just given birth may be more prone to this. It often happens when the vaginal walls “loosen”, causing sex to become less sensitive and in turn not as enjoyable.

Intivar has been designed to provide an instant tightening sensation; many women reported feeling the benefits of Intivar within just a few minutes. Intivar helps to increase the blood flow to the vaginal area, which helps to tighten the walls and increase sensitivity, restoring the youthfulness to your vagina.

“Blood flow to the vagina is key to sexual stimulation, Invitar can increase blood flow significantly to the vaginal area”

Decreased Female Libido

Women who suffer from any of the above complaints can also experience a reduction in their sex drive. Women who may also be under a lot of stress, taking medication or eating a poor diet can also experience some form of reduced libido. It is not always a case that women do not want to have sexual intercourse, it is normally the fact that they cannot get into the “mood”.

It is often a lack of blood flow in the vagina, which makes it hard for women to become stimulated and get sexually active. Intivar uses all natural ingredients to increase blood flow to the vaginal area, resulting in a boost to your sex drive.

What Are The Benefits of Using Intivar?

We have rated Intivar as the number 1 female rejuvenation gel because of the benefits that you can experience from using it. With alternative gels you will typically only be able to experience benefits in one area such as vaginal lubrication or vaginal tightening. Intivar has been formulated with unique ingredients that have been clinical tested to ensure that you will experience the very best results.

Where To Buy Intivar UK

Intivar is currently only available to buy direct from the official website. Boots Superdrug and UK high street chemists may soon stock.

By using Intivar you will experience benefits such as;

• Improved Lubrication
• Instant Vaginal Tightening Sensation & Restored Elasticity
• Increased Sensitivity & Enhanced Female Libido
• Improved Overall Vaginal Hygiene and Health
• Cherry Flavoured with added Aloe Vera & Vitamin E

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