Eye Secrets Review

Eye Secrets Eyelid Lift

A new alternative to eye surgery has just been introduced into the UK market. Scottish based Advanced Health have just released their new eye care range, Eye Secrets.

Advertised massively in the UK media EyeSecrets is the simple and easy to use alternative to expensive surgery.

The EyeSecrets range consists of an upper eyelid life, and under eye treatment and a lash extender.

Buy Complete Eye Secrets Kit for £64.99

Eye Secrets Upper Eyelid Lift

Possibly the most innovative of the product line up. The Upper Eyelid lift can take take years off you and remove the tired and drawn appearance that sagging and drooping upper eye lids can cause.

Watch Video Demonstration

Eye Secrets strips have been made from very thin, transparent, non-porous, hypoallergenic, conformable plastic.

Eye Secrets Upper Eyelid Lift can be used with or without most of your regular cosmetics.

Application is very quick and simple and the results will astound you. The strips are very discreet once placed on the eyelid and will last 24 hours.

A 30 day packet is priced at £29.99

Eye Secrets Under Eye Tightener

The other direct eye product in the range is the Under Eye Tightener. This is a collagen based product that can effectively remove eye bag, dark circles and puffiness.

Results of clinical studied indicated that 76% of women showed wrinkles disappeared or the appearance of wrinkles disappearing  in under a minute.  14% showed the same results in 1min 45 seconds.

The remainder 10% took longer than 2 minutes or did not show much improvement because of heavy skin damage throughout their years.

The Under Eye Tightener can be purchased for £34.99

Where To Buy Eye Secrets

Presently Eye Secrets is only available to buy from the official website. Boots, Superdrug and other high street beauty stores may stock in the near future.

More information about the entire Eye Secrets range Visit Eye Secrets UK


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