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Proactol Review

Proactol fat binder reviewProactol is a premier brand non prescription fat binder that has been available to buy since mid 2005.

It is available without the need of a GP consultation and based on entirely natural and herbal ingredients.

Unlike some of the diet products that hail from the United States, Proactol is refreshingly hype free – preferring to let clinical evidence, success stories and media attention do it’s talking.


Proactol has now been replaced by Proactol Plus

Read about Proactol Plus


Proactol’s introduction into the market was pretty low key – it was, and still is, only available to purchase direct from the official website. There is no high street presence.

Diet Pill Of The Year 2008/2009

A majority of the diet products that are found in high street health stores and supermarkets (Boots, Superdrug, Tesco etc…) are the produce of major pharmaceutical companies with not inconsiderable marketing budgets.

Proactol is produced by an independent UK company centred around just the one product.

Proactol Success StoriesProactol first sprung to public attention quite dramatically in 2006 when a 26 year old UK woman (Laura Price) lost over 30% of her body mass and dropped six dress sizes in just over seven months.

Her slimming success story, she claims,  was a diet alteration and the regular use of Proactol.

Laura’s success story was outlined in the Daily Express.

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How Proactol Works

A completely naturally produced fibre complex that prevents absorption of excess fat from food that you eat. It  is a viable, natural alternative to a prescription weight loss drug.

Proactol is classed as a fat binder,  this means a percentage (around  25%) of the food that you eat will not be digested by your stomach.

Proactol - how it worksThe undigested  fat can then pass freely through your system and pass via bowel movements without creating additional or excess body fat.

For more detail as to the finer working.

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Clinical Proof And Scientific Evidence

It is easy to blind with the science, the average consumer in most cases is none-the-wiser if presented with the results of scientific study.

But for the record Proactol carries the CE mark of approval – which means it is safe for human consumption and is classified as a Medical Device Type 1 – which basically means it does what it says on the tin.

Proactol Success Stories And Media Coverage

In recent months Proactol has been the subject of several articles in the press.

Best 5 Ways To Lose WeightA survey of successful dieters undertaken by the Telegraph voted Proactol as one of the Best 5 Ways To Lose Weight.

Read The Telegraph Article

In the United States it was featured heavily in US lifestyle magazine, Florida Style – the article was focused around the best ways to shift baby weight after giving birth. Read Florida Style Article

Where To Buy Proactol

Purchases can only be made direct from the official website. Orders can be placed either online or by the telephone, customer service is first class and a full 6 month money back guarantee is offered if the Product falls short of your expectations.

Buy ProactolSingle packages and quantity purchases are offered – discounts are available (claim 15% from 4 months packages and above) by using the voucher CEBPR1 (click to activate) at checkout.

Visit Proactol Website


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