Slimsticks Diet Mix

SlimSticks Appetite Suppressant

The SlimSticks diet supplement has been recently launched and has attracted a reasonable level of media attention. It is produced by Inovate Health who say that it will complement your current fitness and diet program perfectly.

SlimSticks is branded as a supplement which will help you to greatly lower your calorie intake every day by approximately 33%, if consumed as advised.

Should you presently be adhering to a solid dietary program, the manufacturer’s maintain that for each pound you lose weekly, you will also lose another pound if you take this supplement.

“at under £1 per sachet, Slimsticks will not break the bank – RRP £29.99 for a pack containing 30 slimsticks.”

How Do SlimSticks Work

The SlimStick instant drink mixture consists of dietary lipids (palm oil) which are coated with galactolipids (derived from oat oil). It is simple to take and can supposedly facilitate weight reduction by curbing your hunger pains. It attempts to quell your appetite by making sure you achieve fullness (satiety) through the day.

SlimSticks is said to help lessen your food intake and also assist with limiting your diet to ensure that you will consume up to a third less calories on a daily basis. Throw some regular workout routines into the mix, and you could quickly start observing some weight loss effects.

Coverage in the Media

Imogen Thomas, the reality TV contestant and former model, has appeared in the press recently singing the praises of this dietary supplement.

Ms Thomas is said to have reduced her dress size from a twelve to a ten by using SlimSticks.

Imogen also says that she experienced lower appetite cravings after only days of taking the product, and that this allowed her to refrain from her normal snacking.

The Benefits of SlimSticks

  • No crash diets are needed
  • Has garnered wide-spread praise
  • Can be used with other products/diets
  • Totally natural appetite reducer

Feedback From Customers

Comments on the web from customers about SlimSticks are mixed. Some customers say that the supplement suppressed their appetite effectively and that they managed to lose a few kilos of weight in only 2 weeks. But, several customers also state that the product’s milky colour and nutty taste were not very pleasant.

The product makers also advise you to consume 1 or 2 sachets after breakfast time and an extra sachet at lunch. Some customers have claimed that, while this was effective during the daytime, once they came to eat their dinner in the evening, they were no longer full up.

Side Effects From SlimSticks

This is a safe supplement to use if consumed as instructed. Pregnant women or nursing mothers ought not to take it however, without speaking to their doctor initially.

The Verdict on SlimSticks

Although SlimSticks is a relatively new supplement, initial feedback about it is quite encouraging. While some users have criticized the product’s taste and other users have disputed the scope of its’ effectiveness, there is sufficient feedback on the web to imply that SlimSticks might at least work for some users. Thus, this is really a product that ought to be visited again when additional customer feedback is available.

Alternative Appetite Suppressants

One of the most effective appetite suppressants is also one the most effective fat burners.

Phen375 is prescription grade diet pill available to buy without prescription.

Phen375 is arguably one of the finest examples of a Phentermine alternatives – it is built around the concept of Phentermine but without the potential for side effects that its chemical cousin presents.

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