Tisserand Diet Aid Roller Ball

Tisserand Diet Aid Roller Ball Review

Tisserand manufacture the Diet Aid Roller Ball, and they claim that it is a product specifically designed to help you focus on healthy eating on occasions when you are tempted to eat junk food.

The Diet Aid Roller Ball’s essential oils are said to serve as the requisite ingredients to provide re-nourishing, pocket-sized treatment. The Diet Aid Roller Ball is supposed to be used by Customers to regulate their weight in any situation where motivation is an issue.

Tisserand maintain that those who use the Diet Aid Roller Ball normally encounter an aroma that isĀ  sweet and rich, with no calories.

Can aroma really effect how much we eat and have a bearing on our weight.

Customers are instructed to place the product onto their temples and forehead or, alternatively, onto the pulse points of their neck or wrists and massage it in gently. Permit the skin to absorb the formula and deeply inhale to supposedly enjoy the benefit of these therapeutic hand-crafted oils.

What the Diet Aid Roller Ball Contains

Should you ever be lured by the notion of grabbing an unhealthy snack out of your purse, the handy Diet Aid Roller Ball claims to function as a perfect alternative. The organic essential oils it uses are allegedly everything you would want to remain healthy.

Based on a foundation of Jo joba oil, that is nourishing and pure, Tisserand’s Roller Ball incorporates three extra essential oils: fortified & euphoric frankincense, rich, tropical cocoa and relaxing floral neroli. All oils are ethically sourced to aid your dietary plan and keep emotions in check.

Offered in a smart, handy, pocket size cosmetic purse/hand-bag, this product is usable by both sexes. It has only organic, pure essential oil and does not contain any parabens or synthetic fragrances. Another vital aspect to understand is that Tisserand, the manufacturers, have not trialled any of the Roller Ball’s ingredients on animals. This product is suited to Vegans and its’ colour may vary through time, due to its’ essential oil content.

Diet Aid Roller Ball Verdict

At the moment, not much feedback from customers about Diet Aid Roller Ball exists online, so we can not definitely know how well it works. Worthy of note is that some reviews from customers have highlighted that the aroma of this product can fade after short time periods.

Multiple other aromatherapy dietary aids available have aromas which are sustained for 12 hours or more. In contrast, the Diet Aid Roller Ball, based on some customer feedback, has an aroma which frequently vanishes inside of 10 minutes.

All this aside, other consumers have remarked that they appreciate the comforting & sweet aroma that the Diet Aid Roller Ball gives them. The packaging used for the product is undoubtedly appealing and it appears probable that it should work fairly well.

The concoction of oils are also cleverly balanced to ensure that users do not get overwhelmed. Some consumers have commented that they can almost taste the aroma of the oil, and that this helped to quell their food cravings to a noticeable extent.

Where To Buy In The UK

Holland and Barrett in store is the most likely UK stockist.

Alternative Diet Products

The jury is still out with regard to product such as the Tisserand one – for the time being it may well prudent to invest your emotions (as well as time and money) into something that has been more extensively studied.

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