Treatment For Yeast Infection Over The Counter

Yeast Infection Treatment Over The Counter

Yeast infection can strike anyone at anytime. It is painful and can severely disrupt your life, not to mention the potential embarrassment factor.

Yeast Infection (is also known as thrush, candida or bacterial vaginosis) is a microscopic  fungus (candida) that lives in most cases harmlessly in your body. It is though that more than 9 in 10 of the population, men included, have candida in their intestines.

In most cases the body’s immune system stops candida from becoming too prelevent, but sometimes the immune system can be weakened by factors like stress, hormonal changes (puberty, pregnancy, menopause), certain health conditions like diabetes or medication such as antibiotics – candida can then grow, spread and thrive quickly.

There are various treatment available to soothe the discomfort of Yeast infection both over the counter and via prescription.

Perhaps the most effective is Alaczen, a natural probiotic that contains a high strength dose of friendly bacteria.

Alaczen is clinically formulated to provide a treatment for recurrent Yeast Infection with its dual-action:

  • Stop the rapid growth of candida at the source: Provide your body with friendly bacteria to control your vaginal flora within a normal range. The “good bacteria” of Alaczen will keep the bad ones in check.
  • Stop yeast infection from recurring: Increase your immune system so you keep Candida growth to a minimum and thus, prevent the cause of thrush.

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